Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where it all began...

I can’t believe it’s almost been 6 months since I’ve been back from Jerusalem. I haven’t blogged since then but I wanted to share how I got there.

The Jerusalem Center resting on the Mount of Olives 

BYU Jerusalem was always part of the plan. It’s funny how it all started or shall I say I felt guided all along the way. It began with a song, O Jerusalem by Peter Breinholt. Peter B. I believe wrote this song for his sister who attended BYU Jerusalem (he later attended too with my Uncle-in-law?) The song describes the land, and the beautiful beginning of our Saviors ministry. I was 14 yrs old when I first heard that song. It was then what over 10 years ago that sparked the desire to go to Jerusalem.  I dreamed about it and made it happen. At the time it was only a dream because the center was closed and had been for 6+ years. I attended a different university and how no desire to ever go to BYU, but if I did it would only because I would want to go to BYU Jerusalem. After my mission I found myself at  BYU and from there was determined to get into the BYU Jerusalem program.

I was originally going to go 2 years before I went for the summer semester. I applied and go it, dream come true? It didn’t feel right, I backed out. I was sad and devastated. I continued my education and was ready to graduate.  I felt incomplete. I had Jerusalem in the back of my mind. I prayed and fasted for over 2 months about if I should reapply to the program. Graduate or go, logically it was better to graduate and not take out 2 loans to go to a study abroad. I applied anyway =).

I delayed graduation and made my way back to my dream that I had over 10 years ago. It was right for me to go 2 years prior (and I don’t know why), but I do know I was supposed to be here at this time with these people.

In Jerusalem my good friend Nicki came and visited from France. We both have a fondness for Peter B. We sat in the sacrament in the Jerusalem center. We sat there in the dark, Nicki with her guitar, me with my drum and sang while looking out in the city O’ Jerusalem.  What a dream come true. We were both in astonishment and unbelief that we were here, together, and singing this song. It was with this song that began my journey and mecca back to the holy land.

I thank the Lord even now for the opportunity to be in the Land he grew up in. I pinch myself every day for not believing that I had this experience. I am humbled and deeply grateful.
Dream it, Believe it, Make it Happen!
Every night we looked at sunset like this from the Center. 

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